We want to help our customers as much as possible. Therefore, there is a possibility of a construction inspection with a valuation combine in one appointment. In collaboration with a fixed taxatiebureau we carry this combination service. The report is prepared by an accredited appraiser. This report displays the value of the property determined on the basis of various factors.

Do you already have a valuation, book than just the technical inspection


Combined appointment

Combine the inspection and valuation in one appointment

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Our customers are very pleased with the technical inspection

Qualified staff

Your inspection conducted by a qualified architectural and appraiser

What is a a validated appraisal?

The valuation report is essential for the approval of your mortgage application. The assessment can also be used in the distribution of the estate after a divorce or the property after death. Information about the technical inspection can be found here.


If you choose to have both services we can this appointment at a same time. At the appointed time, the accountant and the appraiser at the property. The construction inspection and valuation on location takes 1 hour to complete. The further development of the reporting is done in our Office. We advise you to be present during the construction inspection and valuation. The Inspector and appraiser then gives you already an oral explanation, architectural tips and you can already ask questions during the inspection.

How does a construction inspection work?


Pronounce a data with the seller


Receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail


Make sure you are present at the inspection


Receive within 48 hours the inspection report


Get your valuation report within 72 hours

Cost construction inspection and valuation

Please note that the amounts below relate to target prices and will not apply in all cases.

 Content house and any outbuildings  Price incl. VAT
 Technical inspection  € 335
 Valuation NWWI  € 495
 Technical inspection + valuation  € 830
 For homes over 120 m ² or 1 million euro  € Price on request (Call us: 020-7372675)

For special rates and larger houses and view the full fee schedule

What do you get with inspection and valuation?

Independent certified experts

Extensive and comprehensive report

Report meets NHG-standards

Local experts who know the area

Answers to all your questions

Valuable advice and insights

By Guido’s know-how we have not bought a house because it had a lot of risk in the bathroom. Forever grateful :).

Alex Pepermans, Amsterdam (google reviews)

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