In certain cases, it is difficult to assess in advance whether an application will actually lead to an environmental permit. A concept application gives you much clear. HouseCheck regulates this entire application for you. With a concept you can request environmental permit ambiguities about the zoning or success in advance. The city part or the North Sea Canal area assesses Environmental service than on these parts or your plan is feasible. In the case of a positive outcome of the concept can HouseCheck request after the environmental permit.

Do you prefer an instant environmental permit applications?

All types of concept requests

You can come to us for all types of concept requests

No waiting

Within two days we can start work. At HouseCheck his no waiting

Competitive rates

By our many years of experience we can offer competitive rates

For a concept application area permit to deliver requires less data than in an application area permit. You must upload the following annexes:

At success

– Facade drawings, cross-sections and maps of existing and new condition, scale 1:100
– Detail drawings of important parts, scale 1:5/10
– Situation drawing scale 1:500/1000
– Photos of the current situation and adjacent buildings
– Information about equipment and use of colour of the façades, window frames, Windows and doors, roofing, finishing the roof/gutter (buoy part), skirting boards, etc.


– You will always receive first of us a no obligation quote;
– We come to you to measure your house and your needs;
– Then we will start the same day with the elaboration of the architectural drawings (this takes about 3-4 days);
– After the drawings are ready, you will receive this by email as a draft. If you wish we can still easily customize adjustments;

After you accept the drawings we need concept application via the environment desk.

A claim is made and it is for the time being, wait and see, we keep in touch with the municipality and take you.

How does a concept application?


Request a quote via our website or by phone


You will receive our quote within 24 hours


After agreement we quote an appointment


We come along and measure the home in


Within 2 weeks is all ready for submission


After approximately two months you will receive the opinion

Cost construction inspection

Please note that the amounts below relate to target prices and will not apply in all cases.

 Common concept requests  Price incl. VAT
 Roof construction Price on request
 Development Price on request
 Monument renovation Price on request
 Other Price on request

For additional notes on our rates access the full fee schedule

What do you get with a concept application?

An official opinion of the municipality

Detailed architectural drawings

Clarity around your remodeling

We take care of all communication


By Guido’s know-how we have not bought a house because it had a lot of risk in the bathroom. Forever grateful :). 

Alex Pepermans, Amsterdam (google reviews)

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