Architectural drawings for many applications, so they can be used as a contract problem between you and the contractor. If you renovation plans has it is recommended that these plans capture through architectural drawings, this prevents discussions. You also get better insight into the cultivation plan and the feasibility of it. Our architectural drawings are also suitable for applications for authorisation and be recognized by all public authorities and can be used by the contractor.

Do you have a area permit required? Then book a area permit

All type of drawings

Permit drawings, ontwerptekeningen cutlery drawings.

No waiting times

Within two days we can start work. At HouseCheck there is no waiting

Qualified staff

All our employees have at least a HTS engineering diploma

These architectural drawings delivers Hous Check to:

– Existing situation/new situation;
– Design drawings;
– Detail drawings;
– Cutlery drawings;
– Split drawings.


Metrology of your House or business premises is necessary only if there are no existing building plans. If you do have clear construction drawings (archive drawings) are a visit on location is not always necessary. Architectural drawings are made on different levels for various purposes, including: an environmental permit application, a renovation or development of the property and the split or merge of a home.

How does it work?


Request a quote via our website or by phone


You will receive our quote within 24 hours


After agreement we quote an appointment


We come along and measure the home in


After about a week the drawings are ready

Cost architectural drawings

A Structural inspection for a House and any outbuildings of up to 120 m² costs €335 including VAT

 Average cost per whole apartment  Price incl. VAT
 0 – 25 m²  Price on request
 25 – 50 m²  Price on request
 75 – 100 m²  Price on request
 100 – 150 m²   Price on request

For additional notes on our rates access the full fee schedule

What do you get with our architectural drawings?

A construction on location

We think along with you

Custodial detailed architectural drawings

Fast delivery time, in number of days possible


By Guido’s know-how we have not bought a house because it had a lot of risk in the bathroom. Forever grateful :). 

Alex Pepermans, Amsterdam (google reviews)

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