HouseCheck provides you with architectural consult an affordable and fast solution. You can make use of our expertise in which an expert opinion is provided and the architectural problems are assessed. HouseCheck offers a possibility to be a part inspection. There may be doubts about the State of the property or you want to learn more about a specific building part of a recently purchased House.

Have you bought a new home, then book a delivery inspection

Speed and flexibility

Call today is an appointment tomorrow

Competitive rates

Starting from € 150 euro

Always the right expertise

For each component the right expert

What is a architectural consult?

One particular building part examined
You indicate which particular building part of the house should be inspected further. Of this will (in consultation with client) a specific report, supplemented with photos. The other components will be disregarded. As a result, you will pay a competitive price because only one specific survey is inspected.

Common part inspections are::

– Crawl space;
– Facades;
– Roofs;
– Tears research.


We take advance the situation with you. So we know for sure the right expert research comes equipped. The consultation or the inspection on location takes 1 hour to complete. During the visit there is advice given about the cause and recovery. If you want a reporting, we work this out in our Office. You will receive no later than 48 hours after this report the inspection.

How does a architectural consult work?


Receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail


Give your availability to us


The engineer comes to you


Receive within 48 hours the test report

Cost of a technical consult

Please note that the amounts below relate to target prices and will not apply in all cases.

Common part inspections/consult  Price incl. VAT
 Crawl space and supporting beams inspection Price on request
 Roof inspection Price on request
 Cracks inspection facades and walls Price on request
 Based substructure search   Price on request

View the complete fee schedule

What is a technical consult?

Independent advice from an engineer

Extensive and comprehensive report

Report meets the standards

Within 48 hours your report will arrive

Always an expert near you

By Guido’s know-how we have not bought a house because it had a lot of risk in the bathroom. Forever grateful :). 

Alex Pepermans, Amsterdam (google reviews)

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